Our Solutions

Our solutions combine breakthrough research, platform technologies, manufacturing know-how and downstream tweaks and field improvements that can greatly increase the practical effectiveness of disease diagnosis. We aim to deliver to global public an effective, commercially and technically feasible technology to significantly improve individuals healthcare condition.


Reagents are one of the most fundamental and critical components in any diagnostic tests.

At AptaCam, we supply various reagents for molecular recognition,such as antigens, antibodies and aptamers targeting hormones, vitamins, metal, infectious-disease agents and specific protein components.


.  Manufacturing antigens, antibodies and aptamers 

.  Custom service for antigens, antibodies and aptamers development 

.  Biosensor development 

AI technology 

Big data is reshaping disease diagnosis, and the transformation is only beginning. It’s unreasonable to expect a healthcare professionals and scientists to be able to sift through all that information on their own.

Our artificial intelligence platform will help identify new diagnosis targets, provide computer-aided assistance for accurate decision making, and provide low-cost universal access to diagnostic care by processing clinical and preclinical data.

. Disease associated databases

. Network analysis 

. Pattern recognition 

. Deep learning algorithm